Stuffing box packing IZOLOCK A–020

Asbestos-free Gland packing IZOLOCK


The IZOLOCK A-020 consists of graphitized PTFE fiber and woven into the corners aramid thread, which provides high mechanical strength, resistance to high pressure and stuffing-box extrusion. Each fiber is impregnated with quality antifriction suspension with added corrosion inhibitor and other required components
Paper and Cement industries, chemistry and petrochemistry, boilers.
Abrasive environment, acids, alkali, solvents and oils.
Parameters of working environment:
Temperature: -100/+290 оС
рН: 1-13
Speed: 20 m/s
Working pressure:
Pumps: 4 MPa
Piston: 20 MPa
Valve: 25 MPa