Refractory cardboard

Thermal Insulation Cardboards

Rigid millboards IZOFLOX-120

Rigid millboards are used as gaskets, heat shields, furnace lining and heat insulation layers in equipment or construction.


Rigid millboards IZOFLOX-126S

The cartons manufactured by the molding method have low thermal conductivity and are used as gaskets, insulating layers, etc. These cartons can stay in an open fire for a long period of time.


Rigid millboards IZOFLOX-120S

Flexible cartons are used for insulating curved surfaces. They are also used for furnaces lining, mould insulation, as fireproof doors’ fillers and as inner layers of high temperature gases compensators.


Insulation board IZOFLOX-20B

Refractory board has a composite structure and consists of several layers based on high-temperature fibers and inorganic binders. Withstands open fire, tough, durable. Application temperature 1300 оC.


Refractory gaskets according to customer drawings

Refractory gaskets
Izola accepts orders for the production of refractory gaskets according to customer drawings.
Production material - IZOFLOX brand cardboard.