High temperature hose

Fireproof Sleeves

Sleeve of IZOPLET–50

The IZOPLET-50 consists of texturized fiberglass yarn E-type. The sleeve offers good thermal and electric insulation and chemical resistance.


Sleeve of IZOPLET-70

Heat-insulating sleeve IZOPLET-70 is made of basalt thread. Application temperature +700 °C permanently / +900 °C short-term


Sleeve of IZOPLET–90

The sleeve is based on ceramic fiber yarn, yarn is reinforced with glass-roving E-type. Temperature (shrort-term): +800 оС


Sleeves of IZOPLET–120

The IZOPLET-120 consists of ceramic fiber yarn reinforced by metal wire which guarantees excellent flexibility, mechanical properties and resists a continuous heat of +1250 oC.



The IZOPLET-130 consists of high silica yarn with at least 96% of SiO2 content. It does not vitrify and recommended as excellent replacement for ceramic fiber textile. Temperature (long-term): +1350 оС.



The IZOPLET-50S braided with fiberglass yarn andcoated with high temperature silicone rubber. Silicone covering protects sleeves from heat, flame, abrasion, punctures and soaking. Sleeves with silicone are airtight and waterproof, have good chemical durability. It withstands to molten glass and metal up to +1650 оC.