Stuffing box packing IZOLOCK A–030

Asbestos-free Gland packing IZOLOCK


The packing IZOLOCK A-030 is made of pure PTFE fibers and high-strength aramid thread. Thread is woven into corners, which provides strength to the packing. The IZOLOCK A-030 has good extrusion resistance when working with abrasive mediums.
Oil refining and chemical industries, energetics, paper, sugar and food industries.
All kinds of pipes and industrial fittings. Highly-aggressive environments, except melts, alkali metals, solvents, weak acids, alkali, oils, aggressive gases.
Parameters of working environment:
Temperature: -100/+280 оС
рН: 2-13
Speed: 12 m/s
Working pressure:
Pumps: 3,5 MPa
Piston: 10 MPa
Valve: 20 MPa