Stuffing box packing IZOLOCK C-200P

Asbestos-free Gland packing IZOLOCK

Gland packing IZOLOCK C-200P

Gland packing IZOLOCK C-200P consists of a thread of thermally expanded graphite reinforced with cotton thread and impregnated with PTFE suspension and other high-temperature components during the weaving process.
Scope and environment of application:
Nuclear and thermal power engineering, mining and processing complexes, metallurgy.
Hot water, superheated steam.
Working environment parameters:
Temperature: -250/+650 °C
medium pH: 0-14
Sliding speed: 10 m/s
Centrifugal pumps: 3 MPa
Piston pumps: 10 MPa
Armature: 25 MPa