Stuffing box packing IZOLOCK P–210

Asbestos-free Gland packing IZOLOCK


The IZOLOCK P-210 is made from high-strength graphitized PTFE Gore-Tex fiber and antifriction impregnation based on PTFE suspension. The P-210 is flexible and elastic. It’s recommended to apply in responsible nodes. It has high chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction.
Oil refining and chemical industries, energetics, food, sugar industries and metallurgy. Pharmaceutical industry.
All kinds of pumps and industrial fittings.
Parameters of working environment:
Temperature: -200/+280 оС
рН: 0-14
Speed: 22 m/s
Working pressure:
Pumps: 3 MPa
Piston: 15 MPa
Valve: 25 MPa