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Frequently asked questions

How to place an order?
The order can be placed by sending an application of any form on the letterhead of your company with the indication of the necessary technical parameters (type of equipment, pressure of the working environment, temperature, composition of the environment, etc.) by fax or e-mail.

How do I get samples?
Samples are sent free of charge after receipt of the application by fax or e-mail. The delivery is paid by the recipient.

Are the technical parameters listed in the catalogs guaranteed?
Unfortunately this is not possible. Thermally insulating and sealing materials are usually used to work in difficult conditions and to provide for the cumulative result of all factors of influence on them (temperature, pressure, chemical aggressiveness of the medium, abrasiveness, mechanical loads, human factor) is incredibly difficult. The catalogs indicate the highest possible parameters, on which these materials were previously used by someone. However, this is rather an exception than the rule.