Fireproof cardboard

High-temperature cardboard IZOFLOX

High-temperature cardboard IZOFLOX

TU U 26.8-25301932-001:2005


IZOFLOX heat-insulating cardboard is manufactured from high-temperature asbestos-free fibers, mineral binders and fillers. Used to protect equipment from the influence of high temperature, as a refractory cushioning material, lining of furnaces, lining of air ducts, etc.


Technologies and Applications 

•   thermal insulation of equipment

•   high temperature gaskets

•   fire protection cable

•   furnace lining

•   facing of combustion chambers

•   engineering

•   automotive industry and shipbuilding

•   metallurgy

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Advantages of IZOFLOX cardboard

•  absence of asbestos

•  high application temperature

•  thickness from 0,5 mm to 20 mm

•  chemical inertness

•  ease of installation

•  long service life