IZOPLET - High Temperature Sleeves: Unleash Heat Resistance Excellence

High Temperature Sleeves IZOPLET

High Temperature Sleeves IZOPLET

TU U 26.8-25301932-007:2008

IZOPLET thermal insulation sleeves consist of high-temperature, non-asbestos fibers. They are used to protect cables, pipes and high-pressure hoses from heat, sparks and droplets of molten metals, punctures, abrasions, and the like.


Technologies and Applications 

•  insulation of high pressure hoses, cables, hydraulics, etc.

•  metallurgy

•  fire protection cable

•  energetics

•  mechanical engineering

•  automotive industry and shipbuilding

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Advantages of IZOPLET sleeves

•  absence of asbestos

•  diameter from 5 mm to 120 mm

•  wall thickness   from 0.5 mm to 20 mm

•  chemical inertness

•  ease of installation

•  long service life