Enhance Sealing Performance with Epiploic Gaskets IZOLOCK

Gland packing IZOLOCK

IZOLOCK gland packing

TU U 26.8-25301932-002: 2005

Epiploic gaskets IZOLOCK are produced from modern high-quality asbestos free fibers and lubricants. IZOLOCK gaskets considerably transcend sealings with asbestos in parameters. Wide assortment of IZOLOCK allows to choose sealing for the most difficult working conditions and to solve the task of pressurization successfully.


Technology and ways to apply

•  sealing of the fixed connections.

•  high temperature environment

•  chemically active environment

•  high pressures

•  chemistry and petrochemistry

•  metallurgy and energetics

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Advantages of IZOLOCK packs

•  Absence of asbestos

•  perfect tightness

•  application under high temperatures

•  chemical resistance

•  comfort in utilization

•  easy to install

•  long life-time