Stuffing box packing IZOLOCK A–043

Asbestos-free Gland packing IZOLOCK


The IZOLOCK A-043 consists of pure PTFE fiber and thread made from thermal stable chemical fiber. Thread is woven into the corners to provide high mechanical strength, resistance to high pressure and stuffing-box extrusion. Each fiber is impregnated with quality antifriction suspension with added corrosion inhibitor and other components.
Oil refining and chemical industries. Paper industry and shipbuilding. All kinds of pumps and industrial fitting. Abrasive and aggressive environments
Parameters of working environment:
Temperature: -100/+250 оС
рН: 0-13
Speed: 12 m/s
Working pressure:
Pumps: 8 MPa
Piston: 20 MPa
Valve: 25 MPa